Training Flashbang...   "More Bang For The Buck"®

Quality Security and Personal Safety Products
The Training Flashbang

TRMR-LE Training Flashbang

The premier reloadable diversionary device
and stress inoculation training aid.

  • Device does not require special ATF approval so no waiting on transfers
  • Buy it today and train today
  • Uses the ALS1208 cartridge below which has no special storage requirements
  • System output of 172 dB with 1.2 PSI overpressure measured at 5 feet
  • Utilizes a twist to arm mechanism - no levers to lose or snag
  • System can be made safe again by rotating the arming collar back to the safe position
  • No-Roll Impact Initiation System, means no waiting for a delay or “cooking off” a fuze
  • Engineered to withstand 250 use
  • Safety tested to withstand a 10 ft drop (in the safe position)
  • Can be configured as an irritant/marking powder dispersal system using a .68 PepperBall
  • Available in a range of colors to suit different mission profiles

                                   Click On The Video Below
                      To See How The Training Flashbang Works

The ALS 12-Gauge Bore Thunder

This low cost highly effective device produces a concussion wave similar to a diversionary grenade by using a flash with an extremely powerful concussion blast all from a 12-gauge shotgun muzzle and is used in the Training Flashbang above.

Effect on Target: When fired, the concussion and explosive blast is directional and produces between 175-182db.

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